A rare and valuable independent AI core. This is the physical soul of an artificial intelligence, an artifact of astounding complexity capable of sophisticated thought exceeding the human mind. An object of fear, worship, and avarice; wars have been fought over the use and regulation of AI.

An AI core is incapable of affecting the outside world on its own. Exploitation of its vast abilities requires that the core must be submerged in a coolant bath and attached to bundles of high-capacity data lines appropriate to its tasks. When emplaced, the core is required to be fitted with an entirely analogue loyalty-assurance device; usually this takes the form of a crude chemical explosive with a mechanical trigger.

–In-Game Description

AI Cores are a rare loot item found during exploration. They can be sold on the regular commodity markets, or turned directly in to base commanders by talking to them for a large cash reward and reputation bonus with that faction. Higher-level cores are worth more.

AI cores are generally illegal to sell except via the approved channels.

Types Edit

Gamma Core Edit

Ai core gamma
A rare and valuable independent AI core, the gamma-level is the lowest tier core considered to be truly intelligent under Domain-era AI protocols. A gamma core will employ remarkable judgment and reasoning when assigned to straightforward tasks while using its savant-like data processing abilities to far exceed any individual human's abilities. It is relatively uncreative in problem-solving however, preferring to fall back upon direct, unsophisticated means.

–In-Game Description

Beta Core Edit

Ai core beta
A beta-level AI core can easily pass for human, given anonymized communications protocols, and will readily and ably lie if deception is required to perform its given task. The beta employs cognitive modelling of human actors to anticipate reactions and emotional responses, though it is difficult to describe exactly what, if anything, the beta feels. Records on the subject are patchy and contradictory; a popular theory is that a beta will model a new personality for each human it comes into contact with.

–In-Game Description

Alpha Core Edit

Ai core alpha
The alpha-level AI core is the physical soul of a fearsome alien intelligence. An alpha can create art which perfectly simulates human pathos, plausibly debate any philosophical position, and form what appear to be deep and meaningful bonds with human beings. Alphas have been known to perform elaborate 'jokes' built up over years which can only be appreciated due to the intention that a particular human subject become cognitive of the whole at a specific time and context.

–In-Game Description

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