Ammo feeder
Activates an advanced - but jamming-prone - mechanism for quickly delivering ammo to the ship's ballistic weapon emplacements. The mechanism must be re-calibrated and cooled before it can be used again.

–In-Game Description

This ship system is known to be used on the following ships:

The ammo feeder doubles the rate of fire of ballistic weapons, and reduces their flux generation by 50%.

Accelerated Ammo Feeder improves the rate of fire by halving the chargedown & also burst delay values for ballistic weapons. Due to this it is effective for +100% boosting fire rate for both single shot & also burst fire ballistic weaponry, in almost all cases. Exceptions are the Thumper, Heavy Needler and Vulcan Cannon. The Thumper & Heavy Needler have a base burst delay of 0.05 & 0.075 respectively while the Vulcan Cannon has a chargedown of 0.05 (as at 0.8.1a-RC8). The hard floor for chargedown & burst delay is 0.05 so these weapons benefit relatively less from Accelerated Ammo Feeder, although the nuance may be lost on their unfortunate targets.

Change History Edit


  • Accelerated Ammo Feeder: now reduces ballistic flux cost by 50% (was: 30%)

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Up to date for version 0.8.1a-RC8