Mission: Ambush
Location: Outskirts of an unremarkable star system
Date: Unknown
Hit and run attacks by Tri-Tachyon special forces have been a drain on Hegemony resources since the beginning of their conflict. When conducted during a ceasefire, the use of phase ships for these operations assured the plausible deniability for the Corporation.
Take the role of a Tri-Tachyon executive fighting for his life - and more importantly, career - when such an attack against a seemingly undefended convoy goes bad.
Tactical Briefing
- Defeat all enemy forces. - Your flagship must survive
Your Flagship
Name: TTS Harbinger
Type: Doom-class
Order of Battle
Defending 1x Doom
1x Afflictor
1x Shade
Attacking 1x Mule
1x Tarsus
1x Buffalo Mk II
2x Broadsword
1x Enforcer
2x Lasher
1x Condor
2x Talon
Tri-Tachyon phase group Gamma III Hegemony convoy and assisting patrol force

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