Annihilator Rocket Pod
Annihilatorpod hardpoint
General Information
Mount Medium, Missile
Primary Role Assault
Ordnance points 10
DPS 400
Damage type High Explosive
Range 1,500
Flux/sec 0
Speed Very Fast
Tracking None
Shots/min 120
Damage 200
Ammo 100
Fires a swarm of unguided rockets that cover a wide area. External pod mounting allows more ammunition to be stored.

Features the same medium to long-range rockets found on smaller launchers. Rockets are unguided, with the extra space being taken up by a larger warhead and improved propulsion systems, as well as thicker armor.

Performs well against larger targets due to the higher chance of striking with multiple rockets. A rocket attack is often used as a screen before a torpedo strike to reduce the effectiveness of Point Defense systems.

–In-Game Description

The Annihilator Rocket Pod is a medium rocket weapon. Unlike its smaller cousin, the Annihilator Rocket Launcher, it fires its rockets in a continuous stream rather than a burst of five.


Anhilihator Pod
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