Assault Chaingun
Rotary cannon turret base00
General Information
Mount Medium, Ballistic
Primary Role Assault
Ordnance points 10
DPS 400
Damage type High Explosive
Range 450
Flux/sec 400
Accuracy Very Poor
Turn rate Fast
Shots/min 400
Damage 60
The GA-X Industries Mk. II chaingun excels at close-range fighting, where accuracy is less important than overall damage and volume of fire.

A 'melee' captain's favorite tool, the Assault Chaingun delivers high-explosive shaped charge rounds on target at nearly 400 shells per minute. Features electrically driven feed and ejector systems and an advanced nano cooling unit built right into the barrel.

The only drawback is a heavier turret profile which, coupled with the lack of the accompanying governor blueprint, is typically mounted on incompatible rotators giving rise to unexpectedly low turret rotation speeds.

–In-Game Description

The Assault Chaingun is a medium rapid-fire ballistic weapon with explosive ammo.


Fast and furious, the Assault Chaingun's DPS is matched only by its flux output. While not as effective as the Heavy Mauler against heavy armor, it remains a dangerous close combat weapon, especially with the Safety Overrides hullmod.


Assault Chaingun
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