The Combat Readiness display in the Fleet screen

Combat readiness (CR) is a measure of a ship's logistical capability to fight that represents factors such as crew fatigue and short-term wear and tear on equipment. CR runs from 0% (completely unfit for battle) to 100% (absolute peak performance).

Usage and effects Edit

Ships require CR to be deployed in combat, with the amount needed ranging from 10% for the Hound to 40% for the Hyperion. The deployment cost is removed from the ship's available CR after each round of engagement. CR deployment costs are lower for frigates and low to mid-tech ships and higher for capital and high-tech ships. A ship with 0% CR cannot be deployed.

Ships in combat with 60% or greater CR have greater maneuverability, rate of fire, autofire accuracy, and damage reduction; conversely, ships below 50% CR suffer penalties in those stats. The bonuses and penalties scale linearly from 60% - 100% CR and 50% - 0% CR:

  • Maneuverability: +/-10%
  • Damage taken: -/+10%
  • Rate of fire: +/-25%
  • Fighter refit time (for ships with a flight deck): +/-40%
Apogee malfunctions1

An Apogee with nearly zero CR suffering critical malfunctions as it enters combat.

At less than 40% CR a ship will have reduced missile magazines (dropping to empty at 10% CR) and will experience temporary, random malfunctions in combat that take weapons, engines or the shield offline. These malfunctions increase in frequency as CR decreases.

At less than 20% CR a ship will suffer critical malfunctions upon deployment and in combat, which will disable a weapon or engine for the duration of the battle and cause hull damage[1]. Engines disabled by critical malfunctions do not count for inflicting flameouts[2]. The last weapon on a ship will not be permanently disabled by a critical malfunction[3].

During a pursuit battle, the escaping fleet can crash-mothball low-CR ships to prevent them from suffering malfunctions during the chase.

At 0% CR a ship will no longer be able to use its shield or phase cloak[4].

Fighters do not experience normal or critical malfunctions, or lose missile ammo, shields or phase cloak[1].

All non-fighter ships have a limited "peak active performance" time after which their CR degrades in battle. This counter decreases there are enough enemy ships within the ship's sight radius: for instance, a cruiser's timer will tick down if the enemy force in sight includes at least one cruiser, or two destroyers, or four frigates. Once this timer expires, CR is reduced by 0.25% per second. As before, low-tech and midline frigates have a longer peak performance time than their high-tech counterparts; also, larger ships last longer. The Hardened Subsystems hullmod will increase peak active performance time and reduce degradation rate.

Hull damage taken in battle will reduce a ship's CR afterwards, with the amount scaling linearly to 50% CR at 100% hull damage.

If a fleet makes contact with another, hostile fleet on the strategic map and tries to run, the enemy fleet may harry it in place of attempting to pursue, which reduces the CR of each ship in the fleeing fleet as if it had been deployed.

Each point in the Combat aptitude of the skills tree multiplicatively reduces the CR deployment cost of the flagship by 3%, but does not affect the supply cost of recovering the deployment CR.

Refitting a ship without being at a market causes the ship to lose CR. Clicking on the CR bar in the top-left of the Refit Screen sets the CR of a ship for simulations.

Recovery Edit

Ships will expend supplies to recover CR and repair hull damage after a battle, at a daily rate calculated from the ship's CR/deployment, CR recovery/day and supplies/deployment values given in the codex. Different ships recover different amounts of CR per day, with such smaller ships as frigates more quickly recovering. CR recovery and hull/armor repair are done in parallel, so there is no cost for taking sufficiently minor damage. Ships that are already at full hull/armor integrity and maximum CR will only drain supplies at their supplies/month value.

The repair function at stations instantly restores the CR of all ships in the fleet for the same cost in supplies as passive regeneration.

After each round of engagement in a battle, the winning side can automatically recoup some of the CR spent on deployment at no supply cost. The percentage of CR that can thereby be recovered depends on how many deployment points of enemy ships were destroyed relative to the amount of DP deployed by the winner in the battle[5][6].

Maximum CR Edit

The base maximum CR for a ship is based on its crew strength:

  • Green: 50%
  • Regular: 60%
  • Veteran: 70%
  • Elite: 80%

Ships with mixed crews will receive an averaged bonus that is weighted by the proportion of each crew type. A ship with less than its skeleton crew will receive a penalty to its maximum CR.

For ships with officers, each point in the Combat aptitude of the skills tree additively increases the maximum CR by 2%.

Fighters Edit

CR is a measure of the number of replacement chassis that a fighter wing can avail and equals the wing's available CR divided by its CR cost per fighter deployed. When fighters are destroyed in battle, carriers will launch replacements at the cost of the wing's CR.

Actually fielding replacement fighters requires a flight deck (and the wing can be permanently destroyed if none are available), but the wing can still otherwise "manufacture" replacement chassis as it recovers CR.

Strategy and tactics Edit

Proper CR management reduces fleet operation expenses because CR usage directly increases the usage supplies usage, which must be bought or plundered. The ways to save CR include:

  • Deploying only as much firepower as necessary to win the battle (without taking losses).
  • Use low-tech and midline ships, which have lower deployment costs. However, because these ships have higher crew counts, they use more supplies when idle, so there is a tradeoff.

Buying a ship only once its added supply costs are covered for the short term prevents downward spirals wherein plundering desperately needed supplies and money too greatly reduces CR.

References Edit

Change History Edit


  • Removed crew experience levels
    • Base CR for ships is 70%
    • Stat improvements start at above 70% (was: 60%)
  • Changed when ships have a chance to suffer an accident
    • Was: 0% CR and not mothballed
    • Now: less than 10% CR, not mothballed, and repairs suspended or fleet out of supplies
  • Removed CR reduction for hull damage taken in combat
  • Added status indicator for when peak performance time is not going down due to nearby enemy presence being too weak
  • Ship refit now only degrades CR when something is removed. I.E. adding weapons or hullmods will not reduce CR unless something is removed to make room
    • Mostly applicable for recovered ships - spending their free OP will not tank their CR
  • In-flight refit: adding weapons/hullmods will again reduce CR, but not below the malfunction threshold
    • Still makes outfitting recovered ships mostly free as they can't start with more CR than that
    • Prevents some potential exploits