Conquest-class Battlecruiser
Logistical Data
CR per deployment 15%
Recovery rate (per day) 3%
Recovery cost (supplies) 40
Peak performance (sec) 600
Maintenance (sup/month) 40
Cargo capacity 300
Maximum crew 500
Skeleton crew 400
Fuel capacity 300
Maximum burn 8
Fuel per l.y. & jump cost 10
Ordnance points 315
Flight decks 0
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 12,000
Armor rating 1,200
Defense Omni Shield
Shield arc 90
Shield upkeep/sec 480
Shield flux/damage 1.4
Flux capacity 20,000
Flux dissipation 1,200
Top speed 45
Mounts 2x Medium Missile
2x Large Missile
2x Medium Energy
4x Large Ballistic
4x Medium Ballistic
8x Small Energy
The Conquest-class battlecruiser is the embodiment of concentrated firepower. Developed in the period just preceding the popularization of fighter craft, the class emphasizes firepower and speed over armor protection.

Space Naval tacticians of the day were confident that new weapons systems would always outperform armor and shields and thus were the key to winning an engagement. So why not build a ship for speed and power? Give it the armor protection of a cruiser, but arm it with the best weapons available to any ship, and have it remain faster than any of those lumbering behemoths of the line. The Conquest is a good example of these concepts put into a hull. Many other advanced technologies were incorporated into the design, including weapon mounts designed for a circling engagement. This maneuver requires greater navigational skill while serving to provide more tactical options to the commanding officers.

Fortune favors the bold, the ancients said. This class of ships does indeed favor the bold captain, willing to risk everything for the thrill of victory.

–In-Game Description

The Conquest is a fast and agile battlecruiser that sacrifices defense for mobility and firepower.


The Conquest is built for broadsides, with the bulk of its firepower concentrated in several turrets with a 120° arc on each side. The Maneuvering Jets system is invaluable for bringing firepower to bear and for breaking engagement to vent flux (as well as getting to the fight in the first place).

With a mere 90° arc and the worst efficiency of any shield in the game, the Conquest's shield is of very limited effectiveness. It should be used sparingly, generally raised only to catch high-damage explosive or energy shots.

The Hurricane MIRV Launcher is favoured for the large missile mounts: It can be fired off-bore, and thus does not require the Conquest to turn its broadside away, and also inflicts very high damage against armor and hull.

Some players favor asymmetrical designs, concentrating powerful high-OP weapons on one side while covering the other with a number of PD and long-ranged weapons to deter flanking fighters and frigates.

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Change History Edit


  • Added "Heavy Ballistics Integration" built-in hullmod: reduces large ballistic OP cost by 10
  • Reduced OP by 30 (relative to higher, rebalanced value)
  • increased burn level by 1


  • Armor increased from 1000 to 1200

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