Mission: Coral Nebula
Location: Inside the Coral Nebula
Date: 152.8.12
A Tri-Tachyon fleet commander is playing a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with a large Hegemony fleet searching for the Tri-Tachyon headquarters. She is able to convince the enemy admiral that the headquarters are located deep inside the Coral Nebula, leading him to commit all of his forces to an attack.
Although the Hegemony fleet has much greater firepower, most craft are large and greatly slowed by the nebula, and the Tri-Tachyon advantage in fighter craft should be telling.
Tactical Briefing
- Using your torpedo bombers is key to victory

- Keep the Astral carrier on the field to repair and rearm them

- Defeat all enemy forces
Your Flagship
Name: TTS Ephemeral
Type: Astral-class
Order of Battle
Defending 1x Astral
2x Medusa
2x Tempest
2x Xyphos
3x Wasp
3x Trident
3x Dagger
2x Longbow
Attacking 1x Onslaught
4x Dominator
2x Enforcer
1x Condor
4x Lasher
4x Hound
2x Talon
2x Broadsword
1x Piranha
Tri-Tachyon task force Elements of the 3rd Hegemony armada

Tactics Edit

The important thing to remember about the Astral is: you are not a battleship. You won't do well going toe to toe with the Dominators, let alone the Onslaught. Stay at a distance and use your missiles, leaving the close-in work to the bombers.

Although the mission is described as taking place deep inside a nebula, depending on the random generation the actual fighting may take place in a patch of open space. There are six capturables, three on each side of the map: one Nav Buoy, one Comm Relay and one Sensor Array.

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