Creating a custom ship Edit

Just some quick notes here: i am NOT an experienced modder. However, i think a mediocre tutorial is better than no tutorial. So here we go.

Sprite Edit

First, you need a sprite. Since there are plenty of other spriting tutorials on this wiki, i will not touch on that subject. However, you need to place your ship sprite in the right folder. My mods name will be "Argonians", so i will place it in "Argonians/graphics/argonians/ships". When you have gone ahead and done that, we can proceed to the next step.

The .ship file Edit

There are several ways to do this next step, however i will use Trylobot's ship editor (found here). Once you have downloaded it you place it in an easy to find folder, preferably on your desktop. Open sf-ship-ed. When you opened the program you will have to import the sprite we made earlier. Press "i" and browse to the right folder. Once that is done, we can start actually making our ship.

Center of mass and shield emitter Edit

First we have to place the center of mass. Press "c" and click in the middle of your ship. Then click so that the bic circle that appears cover the entire ship (preferably a bit more). After that we add the shield emitter (this has to be done even on ships without shields). Press "s" and click in the middle of your ship. Then click so that the big circle that appears cover the entire ship but is fully within the previous circle you made.

Now we have the center of the ship, the ships bounds (though i don't know what that really does...), the shield emitter location, and the shield circle. But we still dont have an collision box. Lets do that next.

Collision box Edit

The collision box, or the Bound Polygons as they are called by a more fancy name, are an important feature on every ship. Without them, you cant hit the ship. They are added by pressing "b" and then shiift-clicking to place a pair of bound polygons. Continue doing this until you have a rough outline of the ship. You dont want to be too precise, as it will seriously affect performance, so a fairly rough outline will do. If your ship is assymetrical you first have to press space to disable symmetry mode.

Once we have done that, we move on to engines.

Engines Edit

Engines in Starsector are purely esthetical as far as i can see, so you dont have to be worried about being unprecise here. Press "e" and then shift-click to place your engines. Adjust your engine size and direction with alt-click and left click, respectively. Once again, if your ship is assymetrical, you have to disable symmetry by pressing space. After you have done that, you press "t" with your mouse over one of your engines. You can now adjust the color and contrail of your engine. Low-tech has a more simple and ineffecient feel to it, high-tech is more futuristic, and midline is somewhere inbetween. Continue doing this to all engines.

Done? Good. Then we can continue on with the fun stuff: weapons. Or, more specifically, weapon slots.

Weapon Slots Edit

Without weapon slots the ship cant be equipped with weapons. Of course, if you are making an unarmed ship, you can skip this step. Press "w" to enter weapon slots mode. When you are in weapon slots mode, simply shift-click to place a pair of weapon slots. Assymetrical ship? Once again, press space. After you have placed your weapon slots its time to edit them. Press "t" with your mouse over a weapon slot to edit it. More info about this on Modding Hardpoints. Continue doing this until have finished editing all weapon slots.

Once that is done, we just have to make some finishing touches.

Finishing Touches Edit

First press "p" and examine your ship for any errors. Are the engines in the right place? The weapons? Is your center in the right place? Those sort of things. After checking this, press "t" to bring up ship details. A box filled with information should pop up. First you have to change the ship.hullId to whatever you want the ships Id to be. This is not displayed in-game, so just name it something simple to remember. Make sure this is unique. I named mine "arg_lcimeterre". After that you want to change ship.hullName to whatever you want the ship to be called. This does not have be identical to the ship id, but is displayed in-game. Ship.hullsize is the hullsize of the ship, from fighter up to capital ship. changes the explosion effects of the ship along with some other stuff. I recommend changing it to the same as your engines. Ship.spriteName is where the sprite for the ship is located. In my case, this would be "graphics/argonians/ships/arg_lcimeterre.png". In this example, i named my sprite arg_lcimeterre, but you type in whatever you named your sprite.

There! You have now succesfully made a .ship file! However, the ship isnt actually finished yet. First we must add it in ship_data.csv.

Ship_data.csv Edit

Dont worry, this is the easy part. First, open ship_data.csv with microsoft excel. Once you have done that, you have to tweak around a bit. Select the entire first column and select "data". There, click "text to columns", and select "delimited", click next, and check the box named "comma". Press next twice. Now you should have a neat excel document in front of you. I recommend copying an entire row and editing the fields. More info about this on Ship Data CSV.

Once you are done with that, you should have a working ship! Now, if i only knew how to properly make a mission with the ship IN IT.