Mission: Dire Straits
Location: In orbit around a Hegemony mining outpost in the Itos system
Date: 197.05.12
A Hegemony mining outpost in the Itos system is blockaded by their bitter enemies, the Tri-Tachyon Corporation. Most of the Hegemony fleet is engaged elsewhere - which is precisely the reason for the blockade. The outpost's ground defenses are strong, but they are running low on supplies, and may be forced to surrender soon.
The local Hegemony magistrate has scraped together a rag-tag fleet carrying supplies and fresh ground troops, and secured the services of the mercenary ISS Black Star. If enough ships can get through the blockade, the outpost will hold out until reinforcements arrive.
Tactical Briefing
- ISS Black Star must survive - At least 25% of the Hegemony forces must escape
Your Flagship
Name: ISS Black Star
Type: Hammerhead-class
Order of Battle
Escaping 1x Hammerhead
1x Dominator
2x Hound
1x Broadsword
1x Talon
1x Atlas
1x Condor
2x Valkyrie
2x Tarsus
Attacking 1x Astral
2x Medusa
1x Sunder
2x Wolf
2x Tempest
1x Omen
4x Wasp
2x Xyphos
1x Dagger
Hegemony relief fleet with mercenary escort Tri-Tachyon containment task force

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