Domain Exploration Derelict
Crest domain explorarium
General Information
Starting attitude Neutral (0)
Offers commissions No

An example of one of the countless thousands of robot probe ships sent out into the galaxy by the Domain to find new resources to exploit, planets to colonize, and explore the unknown. Some variants are produced by automated motherships. This specimen appears to be inactive; pitted by small impacts, its hull displays iridescence from fearsome radiation scarring. This probe's manufacture could well date to a thousand cycles ago.

– Derelict Probe

The Domain Exploration Derelict (or simply derelicts) are a "faction" representing the leftover exploration and colony ships sent by the Domain to explore the Sector. Some of these probes and ships are still around, waiting for someone to recover them.


Derelict probes (the smallest), survey ships (medium-sized), and motherships (largest) can be found in the unsettled, unexplored far reaches of the Sector. Attempting to salvage a derelict craft will provoke a response by its defense drones, which must be defeated to complete the salvage operation. Motherships can also join in the fighting; they are not "ships" in the normal sense, but rather giant constructs whose surface-mounted weaponry must be blown off in pieces.

The drones are old and worn-out; their combat behaviour is recklessly simple, they have no shields, their weaponry is generally short-ranged, and they have several defect hullmods. They thus make an easy starting opponent for new players.

Salvaging a derelict ship will provide rewards ranging from common commodities to rare items, AI Cores, hullmods or leads to locations of more derelicts.

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