Drover-class Light Carrier
Logistical Data
CR per deployment 15%
Recovery rate (per day) 5%
Recovery cost (supplies) 12
Peak performance (sec) 360
Maintenance (sup/month) 12
Cargo capacity 80
Maximum crew 150
Skeleton crew 90
Fuel capacity 40
Maximum burn 9
Fuel per l.y. & jump cost 2
Ordnance points 70
Flight decks 2
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 4,250
Armor rating 400
Defense Front Shield
Shield arc 300
Shield upkeep/sec 90
Shield flux/damage 0.9
Flux capacity 3,000
Flux dissipation 225
Top speed 75
Mounts 4x Small Missile
2x Small Ballistic
The Drover design was ordered by a new Cruiser-school-dominated Domain Naval Procurement Committee to provide a strategically versatile (though tactically limited) fighter platform with a low logistical overhead. The contract was won by Orion Shipyards, the traditional Armada ship-builder, in an effort to recover lost market share from the newer naval producers. The result was the 'flying landing strip' design, maligned by Domain officers as a command more fitting for a logistics bureaucrat than a fighting ship-captain. Complaints in the lower ranks were used by elements in the navy who followed the old Capital-school to send the Drover back to committee, citing insufficient firepower for the ship weight class to meet standard guidelines (which were not written to account for strike potential of new classes of fighters). Set up to take the fall for a massive overspend, the committee simply ordered an enormous number of simple missile hardpoints installed on the front of the Drover - this met the firepower requirements handily and allowed the Drover programme to proceed with only minor alteration.

The fighter complement of the Drover is unmatched for its size, which is as designed. The unanticipated development of Drover command is its role as something of a test of character for junior officers; will they use the fearsome alpha-strike potential to seize victory in a sudden attack or hold back and use the potential of its threat to curtail aggressive moves by the opposition?

–In-Game Description

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