Emergency burn
Briefly boost burn level at the cost of fuel and combat readiness.

Available by default


  • Increases sensor profile and reduces range.
  • Costs 50% of fleet deployment costs per use and prevents CR recovery.
  • Largely rendered obsolete by Sustained Burn, although it can still be useful when a quick burst of speed without maneuverability penalties is desired.
  • Unique & powerful uses near movement hampering terrain as Emergency Burn completely ignores most terrain movement modifiers. This is of particular use near black holes. Do note the unspoken "some" left out by that "most" are pulsar beams. Do not try to emergency burn drive through a pulsar beam. It will not work.
Default Active Sensor Burst · Distress Call · Emergency Burn · Go Dark · Interdiction Pulse · Scavenge (ability) · Sustained Burn · Transponder
From skills Neutrino Detector · Remote Survey · Transverse Jump

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Only up to date for version 0.8a-RC19. It is likely still broadly correct but not verified for the most up to date data yet. Please double check the Version History

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