There are several factions in Starsector which the player can interact with. By default, all factions are neutral to the player except the pirates and Luddic Path.

Gameplay Edit

Each faction operates one or more markets, which can be a planet, a station, or a planet with associated station. Markets spawn fleets and allow trading with the player or other factions.

Relationship tiers Edit

Each faction has a defined relationship with the player and other factions. The default, neutral stance allows basic interactions such as trade with the faction. A more positive relationship will give a range of bonuses including reduced customs tolls, reduced chances of investigations into criminal activity, and access to military markets. Conversely, increasingly negative relations will result in hostile behaviour. The breakpoints values need to be exceeded i.e. 51 relations to be Friendly. The relationship tiers are;

  • (75) Cooperative
  • (50) Friendly
  • (25) Welcoming
  • (10) Favorable
  • (-9 to 9) Neutral
  • (-10) Suspicious: Higher chance of criminal investigations
  • (-25) Inhospitable: The faction's markets will not permit fleets to dock, although players can still trade with the local black market by sneaking in with the transponder off. The faction will not pay credit rewards for bounties.
  • (-50) Hostile: Faction fleets will attack the player or affected faction
  • (-75) Vengeful: Similar to hostile; only way to return to Hostile is through bounties

Modifying reputation Edit

The following player actions will raise reputation:

  • Trading with the faction
  • Joining ongoing battles on the faction's side
  • Fulfilling faction bounties
  • Selling food during food shortages
  • Turning over AI cores
  • If reputation is negative but not too low and hasn't been lowered lately, it will rise again after a while

The following player actions will lower reputation:

  • Smuggling
    • Smuggling to the point of destabilizing the market
  • Trading with the faction's enemies, in systems where the faction has a presence (exception: pirates, you can trade with enemies of the pirates without penalty)
  • Being caught with the transponder off
  • Being caught tampering with a comm relay
  • Destroying faction ships or harrying their fleets (causes instant hostile status if player identity is known)
  • Pursuing fleeing faction fleets

Note that most actions will not modify the player's reputation beyond a certain point.

Commissions Edit

The Hegemony, Tri-Tachyon, Luddic Church and Sindrian Diktat offer faction commissions. A commission allows access to non-basic weapons and ships on that factions' military submarkets, and pays a small bounty with reputation rewards on killing ships hostile to the faction anywhere in the Sector.

Accepting a commission gives an immediate +5 reputation increase with the issuing faction, and makes the player hostile to any enemies of that faction. While holding a commission, the player will lose reputation with the issuing faction if engaging in combat with a fleet not hostile to said faction; this will also increase the chance of hostilities between the issuer and the fleet's faction.

Once taken, a commission cannot be lost or changed except by dropping to a Suspicious or lower reputation level.

Factions that do not issue commissions do not require one to make purchases on the military submarket.

Faction hostilities Edit

At times, factions will declare war on each other for six months to a year, attacking each others' fleets. If the player holds a commission with either faction, they will be automatically made hostile to the other faction; their reputation with the enemy will be restored to the original value minus 20 once hostilities end.

List of factions Edit


Human DomainEdit

The Human Domain was a galaxy-spanning polity which ruled the Sector, until contact was lost when the gates shut down during the Collapse. All technology – ships, weapons, etc. – are just modifications of what it left behind.



Main article: Hegemony

The Hegemony is a militarized polity that arose after the Collapse, considering itself the successor to the Domain. They use primarily low-tech ships.

Luddic church

Luddic ChurchEdit

Main article: Luddic Church

The religious movement of the Ludii blame technology for humanity's ills and thus their most hated enemy is the technologically advanced Tri-Tachyon Corporation.

Luddic path

Luddic PathEdit

Main article: Luddic Path

A radical Luddic splinter group that views the mainstream Church as too weak and compromising, and seeks to destroy ungodly technology through violent force. They attack almost anyone else they cross, using their specially modified ships.

Persean league-0

Persean LeagueEdit

Main article: Persean League

A large alliance of planets opposed to the Hegemony. They use primarily midline ships.

Sindrian diktat

Sindrian DiktatEdit

Main article: Sindrian Diktat

The Sindrian Diktat is a military dictatorship in the Askonia Star System, and a major producer of fuel.



Main article: Tri-Tachyon

The Tri-Tachyon Corporation is a small but technologically sophisticated faction. It is heavily involved in AI research, leading to conflicts with the Hegemony and the Luddic Church.

Neutral traders


Main article: Independent

The independents are a loose collection of neutral planets and stations scattered across the Sector.



Main article: Pirates

The Pirates are an enemy to the player and all other factions, and will attack whenever they get the opportunity. They hold several planets and stations across various star systems in the Sector.

Minor FactionsEdit

A number polities and organisations are mentioned in various bits of lore but do not currently exist as discrete factions in the game. These include:

  • Ko Combine - Utilized the experimental Monitor frigate and defended it against critics. Purchased the administration rights to barren world Agreus in the Arcadia Star System, rebuilding their fortune there. Their subsidiary the Free Star Combine purchased the Mark IX Autocannon blueprints and built a prototype.
  • GA-X Industries - Manufacturers of the Assault Chaingun
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