This mission starts you off with one Hammerhead-class, one Condor-class, two Hound-classes, 3 Piranha Bomber wings, one Broadsword Heavy Fighter wing, and one Talon Interceptor wing. Your opponents outclass you with one Eagle-class, one Vigilance-class, two Brawler-classes, one Tempest-class, and one Wasp Interceptor Drone wing.


Location: Asteroid belt in the Omicron system
Date: 208.03.17

Ah, the life of a mercenary captain. The price was right, and so this time the ISS Black Star finds itself aligned with a former enemy.

The Cult of Lud has learned that the ESS Praxis is carrying a prominent researcher from Exar prime to a rendezvous point, where he will be handed off to a Tri-Tachyon representative - for a tidy sum, of course. Naturally, the Ludii could not pass such an opportunity to strike a blow at their most hated enemy.

The ISS Black Star, accompanied by a small Ludii strike force, encounter the enemy forces just as the transfer is taking place.


Strategy 1: Deploy your entire fleet since you can. Put a capture command on both Nav Beacons , a defend command between them and a carrier rally behind that. The Wasp Interceptors will easily be taken care of by your Broadswords, if they do not encounter each other in the capture put an intercept command on them. Your Hound-classes' and flagship should take care of the Brawler-classes first. When the Eagle-class comes into view send your Piranha's to destroy it. The Tempest-class should be all that's left so attack it with everything. Congratulations, you have just beaten the second mission and killed one of the finest minds on Exar Prime.