Mission: Forlorn Hope
Location: Hyperspace, just outside the gravity well of the Hastaeus system
Date: 127.01.06
At the turn of Cycle 127, the Tri-Tachyon corporation attempted a direct attack at the Hegemony capital world, Hastaeus Prime. It is unclear whether their change of strategy resulted from internal politics, or a newfound confidence due to the success of their standard hit and run tactics.

Though both sides took heavy losses, the result was a decisive victory for the hastily assembled, but huge, Hegemony fleet.

To cover their retreat, the CEO in command of the surviving Tri-Tachyon forces ordered a rear-guard action by a single battleship, the TTS Invincible. She would later receive a harsh sentence from the review board for "avoidable loss of corporate assets". However, it must be noted that her decision forestalled complete disaster and allowed the corporation to remain a power in the Sector.
Tactical Briefing
- The TTS Invincible must survive
Your Flagship
Name: TTS Invincible
Type: Paragon-class
Order of Battle
Defending 1x Paragon Attacking 1x Onslaught
1x Dominator
2x Condor
3x Enforcer
10x Lasher
10x Hound
5x Talon
4x Piranha
The TTS Invincible Leading elements of the Hegemony Defense Fleet

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