Gryphon-class Missile Cruiser
Logistical Data
CR per deployment 12%
Recovery rate (per day) 3%
Recovery cost (supplies) 20
Peak performance (sec) 480
Maintenance (sup/month) 20
Cargo capacity 120
Maximum crew 250
Skeleton crew 150
Fuel capacity 80
Maximum burn 8
Fuel per l.y. & jump cost 3
Ordnance points 130
Flight decks 0
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 7,000
Armor rating 800
Defense Front Shield
Shield arc 270
Shield upkeep/sec 100
Shield flux/damage 0.8
Flux capacity 5,000
Flux dissipation 200
Top speed 60
Mounts 1x Large Missile
1x Medium Ballistic
2x Medium Missile
3x Small Missile
5x Small Ballistic
The Gryphon is a dedicated missile cruiser designed to provide a highly mobile platform for heavy fire support. It is not a front-line cruiser, and so operates best when provided with escorts.

Among the so-called "Cruiser School" wave of ships designed by Altair Exotech, the Gryphon was a key component of the power-projection strategy that came into vogue shortly before the collapse of the Gate system. The Gryphon was meant to allow a task force commander to rapidly concentrate bursts of specialized heavy firepower, forming a devastating hammer to the anvil of assault-class cruisers and destroyers. So reads the Domain-era tactical manual, anyway.

Of particular interest is the Gryphon's hull-integrated missile nanoforge: this fixed architecture nanoforge system allows extremely rapid conversion of densely packed, pre-formulated feedstock into a narrow range of munitions in the midst of battle. This allows the Gryphon to effectively convert concentrated mass into desired armaments, allowing for mid-battle replenishment of missile stocks. The flux output of this process is, of course, tremendous so it is not advisable for captains who are relying on their shields to block enemy fire to engage the integrated missile nanoforge system.

–In-Game Description

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