Hellbore Cannon
Hellbore cannon turret
General Information
Mount Large, Ballistic
Primary Role Assault
Ordnance points 16
DPS 250
Damage type High Explosive
Range 900
Flux/sec 250
Accuracy Medium
Turn rate Very Slow
Shots/min 20
Damage 750
Huge cannon, which fires slow-moving plasma-charged projectiles. Rounds are highly effective versus armor, and obliterate any hull structure left underneath.

A feared weapon platform, rarely deployed due to the complexity involved in manufacturing a built-up barrel that can safely fire enormous high-explosive shaped charge rounds. When such a shell impacts a target, the Neumann effect causes the warhead to propel a jet of molten metal into the target's armor, vaporizing a small area, causing hull breaches, depressurization and extensive internal damage from the spall.

–In-Game Description

The Hellbore Cannon is a large ballistic weapon firing high explosive shells. It has the lowest OP cost of any heavy weapon in the game and is generally unmatched in the anti-armor role against large targets. At the same time, the slow turret turn rate, rate of fire and projectile velocity leave it ineffective against smaller targets.



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Change History Edit


  • Halved rate of fire
  • Reduced flux cost to 750/shot (was: 825)
  • Adjusted visuals for muzzle flash, shot, and impact (more prominent)
  • Overall: low dps, very high per-shot damage, very low flux cost

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