High Intensity Laser
Hil turret base
General Information
Mount Large, Energy
Primary Role Close Support
Ordnance points 20
DPS 500
Damage type High Explosive (Beam)
Range 1,000
Flux/sec 500
Accuracy Perfect
Turn rate Very Slow
An extremely long-range, high damage energy beam cannon, often mounted on support cruisers with great effect.

The High Intensity Laser is a powerhouse weapon that has an energy rating well beyond the giga-watt range. To produce such power for an extended period of time, the design relies on a built-in fusion power core. This core still requires an external actuator, a role filled by a ship's reactor when firing commences.

Three meticulously calibrated lens assemblies guide photons within the ignition unit, requiring seconds to build up the energy necessary to maintain a coherent beam. The gain medium is a two-staged gas-solid which is q-switched and provides a potent particle stream that can obliterate unsuspecting targets in seconds.

The extreme range at which targets can be tracked and destroyed makes the HIL excel in safely providing close support to friendly ships that are engaged in a melee. It is a favored weapon of captains that can manage the flux cost associated with operating it.

–In-Game Description

The High Intensity Laser is a large beam weapon, effective at burning off the armor of larger targets that are unable to shield tank the beam. Take note of its low turn rate (especially when firing).


Heavy Intensity Laser


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