Hurricane MIRV Launcher
Hurricane hardpoint
General Information
Mount Large, Missile
Primary Role Fire Support
Ordnance points 25
DPS 1000
Damage type High Explosive
Range 2500
Flux/sec 0
Speed Fast
Tracking Medium
Shots/min 12
Damage 500x1x10
Ammo 10
Launches a missile that splits into multiple warheads on closing with the target. Especially devastating to enemies with their shields down.

Hurricane Turrets are a late-Expansion Epoch weapon designed to launch a self-propelled, multiple missile delivery projector pod. A targeting computer programs the pod with a hit solution as it is released. The swarm of small missiles released is dangerous to all ship types. missiles feature a shaped charge warhead making them more effective versus enemy armor. These characteristics make the Hurricane a kill-weapon, usually only fired by gunnery officers with orders to destroy their crippled targets utterly.

–In-Game Description

The Hurricane MIRV Launcher is a large guided missile weapon with large ammunition reserves and powerful strike capability. It can be launched off-bore, and quickly and reliably destroy most targets that lack the proper point defense weapons and are unable to shield adequately against it.



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Up to date for version 0.8a-RC19