Ion Beam
Ionbeam t base
General Information
Mount Medium, Energy
Primary Role Special
Ordnance points 12
DPS 50
Damage type Energy (Beam)
Range 1000
Flux/sec 200
Accuracy Perfect
Turn rate Medium
A long-range support weapon, the Ion Beam is able to fire more and more disruptive EMP arcs through shields as the target's hard flux levels go up - at a hefty flux cost for the firing ship.

After delivery of the Ion Pulser to the Chernabog Proving Grounds, firing tests and tactical simulations concluded that the weapon system was unsuitable for the role described in the original bid won by Bhilai Exospace. A heavy penalty was deducted from the delivery fee and engineers sent back to produce a charged energy weapon with sufficient range to be mounted on combat platforms expected to be placed behind rather than on the front-line of combat. Six months later, they delivered the Ion Beam.

The long range Ion Beam employs a cutting-edge gain pattern best understood as a diffracted geometry projected into normal space. Difficult to manufacture, this unique construction nonetheless enables long-range projection of highly-ionized baryonic matter in a coherent beam known to play havoc with all manner of electronics, including sensors, fuel igniters, targeting modules, computers, etc., though it does negligible permanent damage. Operated against a high-flux target, the Ion Beam may occasionally build up a charge that may arc past the shields entirely as the cascading buildup of charged particles interferes with the regular shield diffusion cycle.

–In-Game Description

The Ion Beam is a medium energy beam weapon.

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