Legion-class Battlecarrier
Logistical Data
CR per deployment 12%
Recovery rate (per day) 3%
Recovery cost (supplies) 40
Peak performance (sec) 720
Maintenance (sup/month) 40
Cargo capacity 300
Maximum crew 1500
Skeleton crew 700
Fuel capacity 300
Maximum burn 7
Fuel per l.y. & jump cost 15
Ordnance points 260
Flight decks 4
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 15,000
Armor rating 1500
Defense Front Shield
Shield arc 180
Shield upkeep/sec 200
Shield flux/damage 1.0
Flux capacity 12,000
Flux dissipation 500
Top speed 29
System Burn Drive
Mounts 2x Large Ballistic
5x Medium Composite
8x Small Ballistic
After the legendary success of the Onslaught design it became clear that rebellious systems without ultraheavy industrial capacity were able to develop carrier-based strike-craft capable of countering the 'Old Man' of the Domain Armada. Alongside new weapons - nimble anti-fighter missiles and rapid-tracking point defense cannon - the Strategic Council decided that the Armada needed a carrier of its own worthy to serve alongside the Onslaught. Thus the Legion was designed to provide a mobile platform for basing interceptors and strike-craft while able to stand on the line of battle.

Classified as a battlecarrier, the Legion mounts an impressive array of heavy weapons as well as hangar-space and command-control capacity sufficient to field four fighter wings. Later models were upgraded with specialized nanoforges keyed to replacement and repair of fightercraft, significantly increasing tooth-to-tail ratio on distant deployments.

Proponents of the 'Cruiser School' criticized the Legion for being insufficiently specialized in its role, maintaining that similar fighter volume can be fielded at far less cost and with greater flexibility if combat roles are separated into distinct ship hulls. The economic arguments do pale in the face of an incoming Legion engaging its burn drive to deliver crushing firepower at the key point of battle.

–In-Game Description

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Only up to date for version 0.8a-RC19. It is likely still broadly correct but not verified for the most up to date data yet. Please double check the Version History

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