Luddic Path
Luddic path
General Information
Starting attitude Hostile (-50)
Offers commissions No
Allies none
Enemies Hegemony (-50 Hostile)
Tri-Tachyon (-50 Hostile)
Sindrian Diktat (-50 Hostile)
Independent (-50 Hostile)

The Luddic Path is a minor faction in the Sector.


Aside from the normal faction fleets, the Luddic Path dispatches raider fleets from Luddic Church markets that travel to other systems, aggressively attacking enemies they encounter. The raider fleets can consist of up to four frigates.

Though they use only basic and/or low-tech ship classes like the Cerberus and Kite, Pather vessels all have the Safety Override hullmod, making them deceptively dangerous in a knife fight.

When a Pather fleet encounters the player, it will demand a "tithe" starting at several hundred credits. The player can pay this amount to avoid a fight, or refuse and engage the enemy fleet.


"The Luddic Path is a loosely associated category of radical, de-centralized, apocalyptic sects of Luddism that claim a truer interpretation of Ludd's Message. They view the Church as compromised and corrupt, putting worldly ego and pleasures before the Luddic Path in these end-times. The war of Armageddon is NOW and the lines are drawn -- it is only through forceful righteous action that the Good can be inspired to destroy Evil, that the abominations of humanity's hubris against God can be swept aside in a final act of redemption. Or so they claim; It should suffice to say that the Luddic Path finds itself at odds with nearly all other factions in the Sector."


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