Market conditions are properties of a market representing production facilities or other social/economic traits. They determine the type and volume of commodities involved in the market's supply/demand behavior. Some events have market conditions of their own.

General conditions Edit

Antimatter Fuel Production FacilityEdit

Am fuel facility
A massive Domain-tech facility produces starship fuel, the life-blood of intersteller civilization. Requires a supply of volatiles, organics, and rare metals to operate. Requires heavy machinery to replace failing components.


Farming on a water world requires a significant initial investment in bioengineering suitable species, but once the process takes off, algae farms and fisheries can be operated by the population without requiring much in the way of specialized training or equipment.

Autofactory - Heavy Industrial BlueprintsEdit

An operational autofactory with loaded blueprints for all types of heavy industrial equipment.

Cottage IndustryEdit

Cottage industry
(market) has a substantial base of low-technology, labour-intensive light industry. Increases demand for simple organic fuels and materials, provides an inefficient albeit charmingly hand-crafted supply of domestic goods.

Cryosanctum Edit

An enormous tomb-like vault built to store those who choose to risk cryosleep to pass this time of troubles to wake in what will presumably be a more civilized age. The cryopods themselves are insignificant in size compared to the many-times redundant support infrastructure, massive automated security systems and anti-ship batteries, all housed in a branching subsurface fortress-labyrinth.


There is no stable ruling polity here. Civilization is collapsed and current population is effectively unknown, though groups of survivors, bandits, and looters can be detected.

Dissident PopulationEdit

(market) is a dumping-ground for dissidents, rebels, free-thinkers, artists, and other troublemakers. Increases demand for weapons and marines to police the rabble. Increases availability of crew due to emigration.

Free PortEdit

Free port
The local port authority imposes almost no regulation on what cargo is traded. Removes negative stability impact from smuggling.


Far from the cosmopolitan centers of population, mere survival, self-reliance, and only-the-necessities are the rules of the frontier. Increased demand for weapons and supplies, reduced demand for luxury goods.


(market) is a center of military command and logistical operation for the ruling polity. Increases market stability.

Increases the quality and number of officers in (market)'s fleets.

Hydroponics ComplexEdit

Sealed-biosphere agricultural production facilities which allow farming in orbit or on the surface of inhospitable worlds. Requires crew to operate, organic growth medium, and heavy machinery for upkeep.

Large Refugee PopulationEdit

Refugee population
Desperate refugees fleeing some disaster have ended up here. Refugees live at the bottom of society with little opportunity for betterment, straining domestic infrastructure living in tense semi-legal status. Reduced overall production. More prospective crew members are likely to be found among those trying to escape the squalid living conditions.

Light Industrial ComplexEdit

Light industrial
Produces supplies and domestic and luxury goods. Production requires organics and volatiles, as well as heavy machinery to replace failing components.

Luddic MajorityEdit

Luddic majority
Stability is improved if (market) is controlled by a Luddic faction, otherwise it is reduced. The ascetic ethos of Luddic theology reduces demand for luxury goods.

Military BaseEdit

Military base
Requires supplies, fuel, hand weapons, and machinery. There's some turnover in personnel, resulting in a trickle of trained crew and marines available for hire.

Increases the quality and number of officers in (market)'s fleets.

Ore Mining ComplexEdit

Ore mining
Infrastructure, equipment, and the skilled workforce to extract common metal and metalloid ores. Requires heavy machinery to replace worn equipment.

Ore Refining ComplexEdit

Ore refining complex
Smelting plants here convert ores and rare ores into metals and rare metals, respectively.

Orbital BurnsEdit

Orbital burns
Periodic burns from space-based lasers or solar lenses push back the encroaching jungle, leaving plains of rich ash and bone that make for excellent farmland.

Orbital StationEdit

Orbital station
A large artificial spacestation with zero-g factories, spacedocks, and a rotating habitat to provide gravity to living spaces. Increase demand for fuel and crew.

Increases the number of officers in (market)'s fleets.

Organics Mining ComplexEdit

Organics mining
Infrastructure, special equipment, and skilled workforce to extract organics from biological or non-biological sources. Requires heavy machinery to replace worn equipment.

Organized CrimeEdit

Organized crime
Criminal activity produces drugs and harvested organs. Increases demand for hand weapons (by both various crime bosses and local citizenry) and marines (by the local authorities).


(market) is run much like a garrison or a large spaceship, with a rigid official command structure. This improves stability, but does require some personnel to see to internal security matters.

Regional CapitalEdit

A major center of administration, security, and logistics. Improves stability.

Rural PolityEdit

Rural polity
A sparsely populated polity of homesteads and insular townships. In these troubled times, outsiders are generally treated with suspicion. Increased food production. Reduced demand for domestic, luxury and vice goods.

Shipbreaking CenterEdit

A major center of shipbreaking in this region of the Sector, hulks are consigned to scrapping here by the navies of major factions and many other clients from among the Sector core worlds.


Facilities for loading, unloading, repairing, and sometimes even rebuilding large spaceships. Increases demand for fuel and crew.

Increases the number of officers in (market)'s fleets.

Stealth MinefieldsEdit

Stealth mines
A network of hidden mines provides (market) security from meddlesome outsiders. Improves stability.

Trade CenterEdit

Trade center
A major center of trade, merchant vessels from across the Sector dock here expecting to find a buyer for their goods- and to find something to buy in turn for a nice profit.

Urbanized PolityEdit

Urbanized polity
A dense and cosmopolitan center of population, people of all walks of life live, work, and die in the stacked hab-complexes, commercial concourses, and modular workshops. Decreased food production, increased demand for domestic, luxury and vice goods.

Vice DemandEdit

Vice demand
The demand for vice goods is unusually high here.

Volatiles DepotEdit

Volatiles depot
A massive facility for the storage and processing of volatiles.

Volatiles Mining ComplexEdit

Volatiles mining
Infrastructure, equipment, and the skilled workforce to extract volatile gases and ices. Requires heavy machinery to replace worn equipment.

Volturnian Lobster PensEdit

Lobster pens
A mix of several Old Earth species and a little imagination produced this creature which grows wild in the crushing depths of Volturn's sea-floor. The flavor is said to be exceptional.

Planet type conditions Edit

Farming takes place on planets (except Uninhabitable Worlds), producing food and organics and using machinery. The amount of food and organics produced is calculated from the planet type's food production multiplier, multiplied by population.

Arid WorldEdit

Arid world wide
(market) is covered by vast, dry plains and wastes. Water is uncommon and large-scale farming is difficult.

Barren-marginal WorldEdit

Barren desert wide
Inhospitable and unforgiving, outside conditions on (market) are barely survivable to a human with an air mask and protective equipment, though certain engineered terraforming lichens find it tolerable enough.

Cryovolcanic WorldEdit

Cryo world wide
A world frozen beyond deepest chill, methane snow falls on mountains of water-ice and volcanos erupt with ammonia. Stellar radiation breaks down the volatiles to form an atmosphere of light gases such as nitrogen and oxygen while hydrogen is whisked into space.

Desert WorldEdit

Desert world wide
Desert covers this nearly waterless world. A xerophile biosphere maintains an atmosphere breathable with only a light mask. Farming is nearly impossible.

Ice WorldEdit

Ice world wide
(market)'s average temperature is far below the freezing point of water and some common terran atmospheric gases fall as snow. The drifts and glaciers of light, volatile elements may be harvested.

Jungle WorldEdit

Jungle world wide
(market) is a wet, warm jungle world covered in riotous vegetation and exotic lifeforms, making farming and maintaining permanent infrastructure difficult.

Terran WorldEdit

Terran world wide
(market) is as close to Old Earth's condition as can be found in the Sector, providing ideal conditions for farming and settlement.

Tundra WorldEdit

Tundra terran wide
Terraforming has brought terran life to (market) but the world remains as cold as the deepest of Earth's ice ages. Though millions of square kilometers are covered in glacier, there are also taiga provinces and rolling steppe where warmer conditions prevail.

Twilight WorldEdit

Twilight terran world
Tidally locked to its primary, or near enough, (market) is a terraformed world with days the length of seasons. Day/night temperature variation is accordingly harsh even to engineered terran life. Islands of 'civilized' mild biomes are maintained through judicious use of solar shades and mirrors.

Uninhabitable WorldEdit

Uninhabitable wide
A barren planet, the surface of (market) can not support organic life as we know it, and farming is impossible outside of sealed artificial ecosystems.

Water WorldEdit

Water world wide
The climate of (market) is hospitable but farming is limited largely to aquaculture and highly specialized infrastructure is required for any development of habitats and industry.

Population Edit


While the listed population is 10market size, volume of supply/demand is only power-of-two. Specifically: sizeMult = 2size-4).

The population market conditions have the following effects:

Additionally, many other market conditions use population to calculate their effects.

Event conditions Edit

Food ShortageEdit

Food shortage
There's a temporary lack of available food on (market).
  • Stability reduced by (num)
  • Approximately (num) units of food needed to end shortage
  • Food prices increased due to lowered food supply
  • Increased reputation and experience from selling food

Recent UnrestEdit

Recent unrest
(market) has recently experienced unrest of some sort. While whatever event caused the unrest is over, its effects still linger.
  • Stability reduced by (num)

Trade DisruptionEdit

Trade disruption
Trade fleets going to or from (market) are taking significant losses. Piracy or war are most likely to blame.

The following commodities are affected: (list of commodities)

Miscellaneous conditions Edit

Abandoned StationEdit

This station is abandoned.