Basic DescriptionEdit

Mod_info.json is a file that essentially sets up your mod. It is necessary in order to have the mod show up in Starfarer's mod loader.


"id":"inorbita", # internal id

"name":"Ascendency", # displayed to the player

"version":"Beta 1",

"description":"Beta 1. Campaign supported.",



"replace":["data/config/sounds.json","data/world/factions/player.faction","data/campaign/sim_opponents.csv", "data/missions/mission_list.csv"],



id - This is the internal ID of your mod. Make sure it is unique from other mods.

name - This is the name of your mod as it will appear in the mod loader.

version - The version of your mod (not the intended version of Starfarer)

description - The description of your mod as it appears in the mod loader.

gameVersion - The version of Starfarer that the mod is intended for.

totalConversion - If set to "true", then no other mods can be loaded alongside it.

replace - An array of files that should be replaced. Most useful for total conversion mods. Be careful--this can cause problems if you are unsure of what you're doing.

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