Mod_info.json is a required file that informs the game engine how to set up and use this mod. The game will be looking for a file named "mod_info.json" in the base folder of each mod i.e. \Starsector\Mods\MyMod\Mod_Info.json . Every mod must have a mod_info.json file, if it is missing or not in the expected location the mod will not show up in the mod list in the launcher. It is formatted in Starsector's somewhat loose JSON schema


"id":"examplea", # required code id

"name":"Example Mod A", # required friendly name

"version":"Beta 1", # required mod version

"description":"Example mod_info.json file", # required friendly mod description

"gameVersion":"0.8.1", # required starsector version this was designed for

"author":"example mod author name", # author's name

"utility":"false", # utility toggle

"jars":["jars/example.jar"], # mod jars

"modplugin":"data.scripts.ModPlugin", # mod java classes

"totalConversion":"false", # total conversion toggle

"replace":[""] # files to not load (for total conversions)

Required elementsEdit


  • Unique ID of your mod. Ensure it is unique from other mods. By convention it is the same or similar to the mod folder. Text field


  • This is the user facing friendly name of your mod, as it will appear in the mod loader. Text field


  • The version of your mod (not the intended version of Starfarer). Displayed in the mod loader next to the friendly mod name. Text Field


  • The description of your mod as it appears in the mod loader. Text field


  • The base version of Starfarer that the mod is intended for. While required this currently (0.8) isn't used to perform any checks or other actions. Text field

Optional elementsEdit


  • The name of the author. Displayed in the mod loader following the description. Text field


  • Denotes if the mod is a utility mod. Utility mods can be loaded alongside total conversions. Defaults to "false", from "true" or "false"


  • The specified jar files will be loaded by the game on startup and will be accessible from scripts or anywhere where a class is referred to by name. If a class is found both in a jar file and as a .java file in the same package then the one from the jar will be used. JSON array


  • The specified class must implement the com.fs.starfarer.api.ModPlugin interface. A new instance of it will be created and appropriate methods will be called when various lifecycle events occur, such as when the game application has finished loading. See com/fs/starfarer/api/ in for details. JSON array

Total ConversionEdit

These are optional elements that should only normally be used in a total conversion mod


  • If set to "true" then no other mods will be loaded alongside it, excepting utility mods. The game will also skip loading ship variants that refer to hull ids that no longer exist (i.e. if the total conversion replaces ship_data.csv with a new ship set). Defaults to "false", from "true" or "false"


  • Core files that should not be merged & loaded, in a relative path from the starsector-core base folder. Graphics, sound and .java files are automatically replaced and don't need to be specified here. Mods that aren't total conversions probably shouldn't use this parameter, as they're unlikely to be compatible with other mods as a result. JSON array


Mod descriptor (mod_info.json) post from Alex Nov 2012 [1]

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Up to date for version 0.8.1a-RC8

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