Mission: Nothing Personal
Location: Near a top-secret Hegemony facility
Date: 196.07.21
The disastrous engagement with Tri-Tachyon at the Serpentis system, in which the HSS Bis'mar was destroyed, faced top Hegemony brass with the need to upgrade the armament of their aging fleets.

In a symbolic gesture, the hulk of the Bis'mar was located in deep space, salvaged, and fitted with experimental weapons by the best engineers of the Hegemony. Unfortunately, just as the newly-christened HSS Phoenix was preparing for its maiden flight, long-range sensors picked up a few independent vessels passing through the system in which the shipyard is hidden. Their course would take them too close to the secret facility, and guard detachments were scrambled to neutralize the threat.

Take control of the ISS Aesir in a sudden, desperate fight for survival against a vastly superior Hegemony force.
Tactical Briefing
- Defeat the enemy forces - ISS Aesir must survive
Your Flagship
Name: ISS Aesir
Type: Aurora-class
Order of Battle
Defending 1x Aurora
1x Gemini
1x Medusa
2x Tempest
1x Dagger
1x Xyphos
2x Wasp
Attacking 1x Onslaught
2x Condor
1x Dominator
2x Enforcer
2x Hound
2x Lasher
3x Piranha
3x Broadsword
4x Talon
ISS Aesir at the head of an exploration fleet HSS Phoenix and Hegemony facility guard detachments

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