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Officers are skilled individuals who captain ships in battle, adding combat abilities similar to those of the player's flagship. They can be found in both player and NPC fleets. Each fleet (player or NPC) can have up to 10 officers, not counting the player character.

Basics Edit


Hiring a new officer

Each officer has a level from 1-20, and a set of skills depending on their level. Officers can have any of the combat skills, and skills from the Leadership and Technology trees which only affect the piloted ship.[1]

Player officers gain XP when participating in combat, split between all officers present weighted by the amount of time they spent in the battle. When levelling up, an officer can learn a new skill at level 1 or add one levels to an existing skill (if available). Officers start with two levels' worth of skills at level 1.

Officers can be assigned to a ship in the player fleet by clicking on the portrait icon in the fleet screen.

Officers can sometimes be found on the comm directory of markets. The player can contact and recruit them for a small fee (2,000 credits per level).

Player officers cannot be personally injured or killed in combat, although the player can dismiss them at any time.

Officer personalities Edit

Officers come with one of four different "personalities" that determine how they behave in combat.[1]

  • Steady: The default behavior.
  • Cautious: The ship will try to stay at the maximum range of its own weapons and out of enemy range.
  • Timid: The ship will avoid enemies unless given an order to engage the enemy, like a civilian ship.
  • Aggressive: The ship will try to get in close to be able to use all its weapons. Civilian ships will behave as if they were combat ships.
  • Reckless: A more aggressive version of aggressive; always behaves as if "search & destroy" was on.

NPC fleets do not have timid officers by default.

If a fleet only has timid or non-combat ships on the field, timid officers will behave as if they were cautious. This was implemented to avoid cases of a timid-only enemy fleet endlessly avoiding contact with the player.[2][3]

Other notes Edit

When the player switches flagships before an engagement, the player character and any officer present exchange ships. When switching in combat, the officer's skills are replaced by the player character's while commandeering the ship.

The Orbital Station and Spaceport market conditions increase the number of officers in fleets spawned from a market, while Military Base and Headquarters increase both their number and level.

When the game generates NPC officers, the officer will always try to max out an existing skill before learning a new one.

References Edit

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Change History Edit


  • Now start with 2 skill selections at level 1
  • Max out with 7 level 3 skills at level 20
  • Limited to 10 skills total
  • Added new officer personality: "Reckless"
    • A more aggressive version of aggressive; always behaves as if "search & destroy" was on

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