A Doom using its phase cloak.

Phase cloak
Temporarily moves the ship into an alternate dimension known as p-space. The ship can still be detected by its phase coil emissions, but can not be hit by any weapons. Flux can not be dissipated in p-space, resulting in a constant buildup that forces the ship to come back to normal space eventually. Subjective time passes more quickly for the ship and its crew while in p-space.

The phase cloak generator is large and has significant power requirements, and so generally replaces shields as a ship's primary means of defense.

–In-Game Description

The Phase Cloak is used by certain ships instead of shields to avoid damage or quickly reposition. It is known to be used on the following ships:

Mechanics Edit

Phase Cloak allow ships to enter phase space, or p-space for short. While in p-space, ships can neither fire, nor be hit by enemy weapons, nor be impacted by most ship systems with the notable exception of the Quantum Disruptor. They can pass through solid objects (including ships in normal space), but will not be able to drop out of p-space there.

Phasing ships experience time 3x faster than normal, or 4x with level 3 Defensive Systems skill: ship speed, weapon/ship system reload speed, flux dissipation/accumulation, combat readiness degradation and other such stats are all hastened. This makes phase ships extremely dangerous while they last but they soon wear out and have to withdraw from combat. When the player ship is phasing the rest of the universe appears to slow down in a "bullet time" effect while their own ship behaves at normal speed.[1]

After unphasing a ship has a two second cooldown before it can phase again. This is visually represented by the phase coils still glowing while in normal space.[1]

Phase cloaking produces a small amount of hard flux upon activation and continuously generates hard flux while active. Running out of flux capacity will forced it out of p-space.

Contrary to the in-game description, soft flux can be dissipated while in p-space.

Activating phase cloak will cause some missiles targeting the ship to seek another target while others will continue on currect trajectories but regain tracking if the phase ship surfaces


Fighting phase shipsEdit

Fighting as phase shipsEdit

Phase ships can potentially generate huge rates of effective weapons fire soft flux dissipation relative to normal space by using the time acceleration of phase space to passively vent soft flux so don't be afraid to use a higher rate of weapon flux than would otherwise be sane. The time acceleration will also accelerate the reloading of weapons which encourages the use of burst fire weaponry such as the Burst PD Laser, Ion Pulser or Autopulse Laser. With enough manoeuvrability such as from Auxiliary Thrusters it is possible to phase, charge through an enemy ship while spinning around and return to normal space behind & facing them. These factors can be combined to output true prodigious amounts of firepower in a slippery package.

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