Mission: Predator or Prey?
Location: Inside a nameless nebula
Date: 197.05.16
The TTS Ephemeral is returning from the blockade in the Itos system to meet the rest of the force at a secret rendezvous point in a nearby system. By pure chance, it is detected by a Hegemony patrol just before the Ephemeral enters a nebula.

The patrol's commander makes a gamble and plots an intercept course using the Ephemeral's last known trajectory as a guide.

The Ephemeral picks up the pursuing forces on long-range scanners and its captain orders the Tri-Tachyon forces to turn around and engage, thinking the Hegemony patrol easy prey.
Tactical Briefing
- Defeat the enemy forces

- All Hegemony ships are expendable

- Capturing Nav Bouys is the key to giving your flagship maneuverability inside the nebula
Your Flagship
Name: HSS Shogun
Type: Dominator-class
Order of Battle
Attacking 1x Dominator
1x Condor
1x Hound
2x Broadsword
1x Talon
Attacking 1x Astral
1x Omen
3x Wasp
1x Xyphos
1x Trident
1x Dagger
Hegemony patrol Elements of the Tri-Tachyon containment fleet

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