Pulse Laser
Pulse laser turret base
General Information
Mount Medium, Energy
Primary Role Assault
Ordnance points 10
DPS 303
Damage type Energy
Range 600
Flux/sec 333
Accuracy Perfect
Turn rate Fast
Shots/min 182
Damage 100
Fires repeating bolts of energy, favoring the medium-range combatant that has the flux reserves and wants to put constant pressure on the enemy.

Designed to fire pulses rather than a constant beam, with a total power output exceeding constant-operation designs. As with continuous lasers, a carbon dioxide gain medium is fed energy and produces photons at eleven microns wavelengths.

Greater energy delivered in shorter time means the target is ablated, a process that causes the vaporization of small surfaces sections. The resulting shock waves do additional structural damage.

–In-Game Description

The Pulse Laser is a general-purpose medium pulse weapon. It is the larger version of the IR Pulse Laser.


With good DPS, a high rate of fire and the ability to deal hard flux, the Pulse Laser is suitable for most situations, although beams and the Heavy Blaster outperform it for specific functions. Don't go overboard with them, as they generate a lot more flux than you'd expect. Hitting fast-moving fighters and frigates will require some skill manually firing on the part of the player or skills to boost auto-firing accuracy, such as Ordnance Expertise or in particular Gunnery Implants.

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