Refitting a Conquest in a mission

The refit screen is the screen that the player uses to equip or unequip hullmods, weapons, flux capacitors and flux vents using ordnance points (OPs). The ship can also be renamed and its weapon groups changed here. Fighter wings cannot be refitted.

Refitting a ship when out of dock will reduce its combat readiness.

A ship can be restored while at a dock to remove damage mods at a high credit cost.

Weapon mountsEdit

Each weapon type has a corresponding mount type; e.g. ballistic weapons go into ballistic mounts. Some special mounts can support multiple weapon types. Each mount type has a distinct icon.

Mount types
Name Icon Supported weapon types
Ballistic Yellow square Ballistic
Energy Blue circle Energy
Missile Green diamond Missile
Hybrid Orange square-in-circle Ballistic, energy
Composite Lime diamond-in-square Ballistic, missile
Synergy Turquoise diamond-in-circle Energy, missile
Universal Grey diamond-in-square-in-circle All

Mounts come in three sizes: small, medium and large. Small ballistic, energy and missile mounts can only accommodate small weapons, medium mounts can accommodate small or medium weapons, and large mounts can accommodate medium or large weapons. Mounts capable of supporting two or more weapon types will not accept weapons smaller than the mount size.

Autofit Edit

Recovery autofit

Autofit screen for a Sunder

The autofit function can be used to quickly configure a ship to fill a specific role. It will attempt to partly replicate the target ship variant using weapons and hullmods available to the player, adding substitutes where necessary and making upgrades where available.[1]

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