AI Remnants
Crest ai remnant
General Information
Starting attitude Hostile (-50)
Offers commissions No
Allies None
Enemies Everyone except Tri-Tachyon (-50 Hostile)

The AI Remnants are a minor faction hiding in the outer reaches of the Sector. They present a serious threat to unwary explorers.

Lore Edit

A remnant of the autonomous AI fleets developed by the TriTachyon Corporation. Illegal under Domain (and Hegemony) law, and an abomination to the Church of Galactic Redemption, the First AI War saw these creations purged from the Sector. At least that is how the official histories tell it.

–Remnant ship description

Gameplay Edit

Remnant systems can be identified by the warning beacons in hyperspace. The beacon's color and number of pings indicate the strength of the Remnants inside:

  • Yellow, 1 ping: Low
  • Orange, 2 pings: Medium
  • Red, 3 pings: High

Exploration ships entering a Remnant system should be prepared for a fight, as they use strong high-tech ships and can come in large numbers. With orange systems, it is recommended to bring at minimum a couple of cruisers.

Remnant fleets spawn from battlestations found in orange and red systems. The orange system stations are damaged and can be defeated by a moderately strong fleet (2-3 cruisers or a single capital, with escorts). The red system stations are at full strength and have a high-level officer; multiple battleships may be required to take one down.

Gallery Edit

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