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Up to date for version 0.8.1a-RC8

Safety procedures Governing aptitude: Industry
Practical experience under conditions of extreme wear on equipment is invaluable, and the lessons learned can extend the life of both the equipment and the crew operating it.
Level 1

-30% crew lost due to hull damage in combat (all ships in fleet)
-30% crew lost in non-combat operations (fleet)

Level 2

-50% combat readiness loss from being in star corona or similar terrain (all ships in fleet)
50% reduced combat readiness range in which malfunctions and other negative effects occur (all ships in fleet)
Hull mod: Solar Shielding

Level 3

Negative effects of lasting damage hullmods (d-mods) reduced by 50% (all ships in fleet)
The Emergency Burn ability no longer reduces combat readiness (fleet)