Salamander MRM Pod
Salamander pod hardpoint
General Information
Mount Medium, Missile
Primary Role Close Support
Ordnance points 10
DPS 7.9
Damage type Fragmentation
Range 2,000
Flux/sec 0
Speed Very Fast
Tracking Excellent
Shots/min 4.8
Damage 100x2
EMP damage 1,500x2
Homes in on the target's engines and disables them with a powerful EMP burst. A combat-rated autoloader system ensures usefulness in protracted engagements.

An externally mounted pod replaces the more common missile racks and allows two missiles to be fired almost simultaneously. An autoloader extracts, arms and primes the next salvo of two missiles after a short wait.

The Salamander missile is a specialized weapon with two design considerations. The first is an extremely advanced tracking/targeting mechanism which enables it to home in on enemy engines, whilst avoiding all other potential impact points and Point Defense threats.

The second is a special warhead design which, instead of attempting to destroy the threat with kinetic or explosive force, generates targeted electromagnetic fields with magnitudes exceeding 3 gigatesla. When such a field is created in the proximity of unshielded engines and hull components, it will quickly knock out all their electronics, rendering them useless until repaired.

–In-Game Description

The Salamander MRM Pod is a medium missile weapon, the larger version of the Salamander MRM. Unlike most other missiles, the Salamander has unlimited ammo.


Salamander Pod
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