Scarab-class Heavy Frigate
Logistical Data
CR per deployment 20%
Recovery rate (per day) 7%
Recovery cost (supplies) 8
Peak performance (sec) 180
Maintenance (sup/month) 8.0
Cargo capacity 40
Maximum crew 45
Skeleton crew 35
Fuel capacity 20
Maximum burn 10
Fuel per l.y. & jump cost 1
Ordnance points 60
Flight decks 0
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 2000
Armor rating 250
Defense Omni Shield
Shield arc 180
Shield upkeep/sec 60
Shield flux/damage 0.6
Flux capacity 2,000
Flux dissipation 150
Top speed 130
Mounts 2x Small Synergy
7x Small Energy
The Scarab is a rare, experimental hull developed by the Tri-Tachyon corporation. Only a limited run of prototypes has been produced.

Gross causality violating technology was banned by the Domain, and this ban is now upheld by Hegemony doctrine - with Luddic support. Nonetheless, it is the handful of fringe-examples of this technology which form the foundation for instellar human civilization from the old Gate system (depending on one's theory of its operation) to common FTL hyperspace travel and communication. Tri-Tachyon has always pushed the bleeding edge of these technologies - and of the law - by spearheading development of phase technology. The Scarab's uniquely hull-integrated prototype "Temporal Shell" system is no exception.

So it is not so much that the Scarab manipulates time as it avoids the normal rate of consequence of the local frame of reference. The effect, as upsetting to Luddic theologians as it is to laymen, is to seemingly slow time for the outside world. Of course one must avoid stating it thus in earshot of the applied temporal physicists who deal in such miracles to avoid a tedious correction of terminology.

–In-Game Description

The Scarab is a large, well-shielded frigate. Its small energy mounts point in all directions, giving it good point defense and anti-swarm abilities, but it still has a total of five mounts able to converge on a frontal target. The Temporal Shell ship system lets it move and fire incredibly quickly for brief periods of time.

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