Basic DescriptionEdit

Ship_data.csv is a file containing data for Starfarer's ships. It controls things like hitpoints, armor, speed, and similar attributes. Just as all .csv files, it can be opened and edited with Microsoft Excel, or a comparable program(Notepad ++,...).

Breakdown(updated for 0.7.1)Edit

At the very top of ship_data.csv, you will see a list of categories. Going from left to right, the function of each will be described: (Wing have a second file: wing_data.csv

name - The name of the ship that is displayed in-game. This isn't the internal name for the ship.

id - This is the internal name that is recognized by the code in the background. When modding, this ship will be referenced everywhere by this ID. It will be used in .variant files, .ship files, and campaign scripts. Remember, if you want to reference this ship somewhere else, it is this designation that you use, not the one above.

designation - This determines what type of ship it is, and is shown in the lower-left corner in-game. Example: Lasher-class Assault Frigate. It can say anything you want it to. [Unused for wing]

system id - This is your shipsystem.(maneuveringjets,...)

fleet pts - Determines how many fleet points the ship ennemi see your ship. (Power of your ship, so) [Unused for wing]

hitpoints - Determines how many hit points the ship has.

armor rating - Determines how much armor a ship has.

max flux - Determines the base amount of flux the ship can handle. Can be increased by adding capacitors in .variant files/in-game.

8/6/5/4% - Unknow , you can put often a less max flux [Unused for wing]

flux dissipation - Determines how fast the ship dissipates flux.

ordnance points- Determines how many Ordnance Points a ship has.

max speed - Determines the maximum speed of the ship. Engine boost will add on top of this.

acceleration - Determines how fast a ship can accelerate. Lower values mean longer acceleration times, while higher values mean faster acceleration times.

deceleration - Determines how fast a ship can decelerate. Lower values mean longer deceleration times, while higher values mean faster deceleration times.

max turn rate - Determines the maximum rate a which a ship can turn.

turn acceleration - Determines how fast a ship reaches is maximum turn rate after beginning a turn.

mass - Determines how "heavy" a ship is. Ships with higher mass will deal more damage to smaller vessels/asteroids in collisions, and take less damage as well.

shield type - Determines what type of shield the ship has. Possible values: NONE, OMNI, FRONT, PHASE.

shield arc - Determines the maximum coverage (in degrees) of the ship's shield.

shield upkeep - Flux per second that the shields generate when raised.

defense id - Used to specify the id of the phase cloak system to use, allowing for different types of phase cloaks to be added, can be left blank unless using PHASE in shield type.

shield efficiency - Determines how much damage shields take. 0.5 would mean that shields take half damage from the weapon impacting it, while 1.0 would mean that shields take full damage from the weapon impacting it.

phase cost - base value is "phasecloak" (Snrasha: need edit, i know not if you have others and effect)

phase upkeep - Flux per second that the phase generate when raised.

min crew - The minimum amount of crew required to make the vessel operational.

max crew - The maximum amount of crew that a ship can hold.

cargo - The amount of cargo that a ship can carry. [Unused for wing]

fuel - The amount of fuel that a ship can carry. [Unused for wing]

fuel/ly - Mostly unused. It does have an effect in the campaign however when AI fleets spawn--lower values mean that fleets spawn with less fuel, while higher values mean that fleets spawn with more fuel. Try to keep this low-ish, as the AI tends to have large amounts of fuel-related accidents otherwise. [Unused for wing]

range - Range sight to the fog of war. [Unused for wing]

max burn - Speed of your ship in campaign.

base value - How many credits the ship costs in the campaign. [Unused for wing]

cr %/day - It is value for regen your combat readiness per day.

CR to deploy - It is value who use your combat readiness want you deplay. ( a low value increase supply for maintenance per day for regen your combat readiness. )

peak CR sec - It is value in combat with CR loss/sec, when CR loss/sec achieved this value, you begin lose CR. ( Snrasha: I am not sure.) [optional for wing]

CR loss/sec - In combat, with peak CR sec, peak CR sec down per CR loss/sec, when peak CR sec achieved, you begin lose CR. (Snrasha: I am not sure.) [optional for wing]

supplies/rec - It is value for deployment cost. Also, influes supplies for maintenance per day for your CR and ship repair.( Snrasha: I am not sure )

supplies/mo - supplies per month, affect per numbers of your crew. (Not affect per supplies/rec and CR to deploy)

hints - Unused.

number - Unused. You can put a number.

Example: Edit

For a frigate ship:


For a wing:


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