A .ship file and a ship_data.csv entry contain all of the information directly about a ship. The more commonly balance tweaked information is in the ship_data.csv while the less commonly edited information is in the .ship file. It is formatted as a comma delimited CSV file.

Fighters have .ship files, corresponding entries in ship_data.csv and in addition corresponding entries in the wing data csv file, for fighter specific information.

It is highly recommended to use a spreadsheet application to open or edit CSV files for Starsector rather than a text editor. Please do note that due to a lack of standardisation in the CSV format some spreadsheet programs will not open or save this file as Starsector expects without specifically setting the delimiter as commas in the application.


For a frigate ship:


For a wing:



At the very top of ship_data.csv, you will see a list of categories. Going from left to right, the function of each will be described:


Friendly player facing name of the ship that is displayed in-game. This isn't the internal name for the ship. Text field


Internal ID used to reference this ship in the corresponding .ship file, .variant files and campaign scripts. This must be unique within the mod, vanilla files and also any other mods. For this reason it is highly recommended to add some form of unique prefix such as myuniquemod_shipid. Text field


Friendly player facing designation of the ship that is displayed in-game. It can say anything you want it to. This is unused for fighters in this csv, which instead use the role desc field in the wing data csv. Text field

system idEdit

ID of the system for this ship, corresponding to an entry in the ship systems CSV. Text field

fleet ptsEdit

Abstract number denoting how powerful the ship is. Used for when two AI fleets clash in the campaign and for determining maximum total abstract fleet power for randomly generated fleet doctrines. This is unused for fighters in this csv, as they use wing data csv instead. Number


Determines how much hull the ship has. Number

armor ratingEdit

Determines how much armor a ship has. Number

max fluxEdit

Determines the base amount of maximum flux capacity. Number



flux dissipationEdit

Determines the base amount of flux dissipation. Number

ordnance pointsEdit

Determines how many Ordnance Points a ship has. Number

max speedEdit

Determines the maximum speed of the ship. Number


Determines how fast a ship can accelerate. Lower values mean longer acceleration times, while higher values mean faster acceleration times. Number


Determines how fast a ship can decelerate. Lower values mean longer deceleration times, while higher values mean faster deceleration times. Number

max turn rateEdit

Determines the maximum rate a which a ship can turn. Number

turn accelerationEdit

Determines how fast a ship reaches is maximum turn rate after beginning a turn. Number


Determines how "heavy" a ship is. Used when calculating damage from collisions with other vessels or asteroids. Also affects how much the ship is moved from weapons with an Impact value, such as Graviton Beam. Ships with higher mass will deal more damage to smaller vessels/asteroids in collisions, and take less damage as well. Number

shield typeEdit

Determines what type of defense the ship has. Possible values are NONE, OMNI, FRONT or PHASE, based on the ShieldAPI.

shield arcEdit

Determines the maximum coverage of the ship's shield in degrees. Number

shield upkeepEdit

Flux per second cost incurred when the shields are raised. Denoted as a decimal multiplier of the ship's base flux dissipation rate e.g 0.5 means the flux per second cost is half of its dissipation, 0.1 means the flux per second cost is one-tenth of its dissipation. Number (usually decimal)

defense idEdit

ID of the phase cloak system to use, if shield type is set to PHASE. Allowing for different types of phase cloaks to be added. Can be left blank unless using PHASE in shield type. Possible entries are phasecloak

shield efficiencyEdit

Determines how much damage shields take. Denoted as how much flux 1 point of damage will cause. 0.5 would mean that shields take half damage from the weapon impacting it, while 1.0 would mean that shields take full damage from the weapon impacting it. Number (usually decimal)

phase costEdit

Flux cost to activate the ship's phase cloak. Number

phase upkeepEdit

Flux per second that the phase cloak generates when active. Number

min crewEdit

Skeleton crew value for this ship. Number

max crewEdit

The maximum amount of crew that this ship can hold. Number


The amount of cargo that a ship can carry. Unused for wing. Number


The amount of fuel that a ship can carry. Unused for wing. Number


The amount of fuel a ship consumes per lightyear when travelling in hyperspace and when using Emergency Burn. Unused for wing. Number


The distance in lightyears a ship can travel with full fuel. Fuel capacity divided by fuel/ly. Unused for wing. Number

max burnEdit

Burn speed of your ship in campaign layer. Number

base valueEdit

How many base credits the ship costs in the campaign. Unused for wing which use wing data csv instead. Number

cr %/dayEdit

How much CR is recovered per day out of combat. Number

CR to deployEdit

Reduction to combat readiness after combat from being deployed. Number

peak CR secEdit

How long the ship can be stay in combat before combat readiness begins to decay, in seconds. Unused for wings. Number

CR loss/secEdit

How much combat readiness the ship loses per second after peak performance time runs out. Unused for wings. Number


How many supplies the ship takes to recover after being deployed in combat. Number


Supplies consumed per month as maintenance. Number


These 'hints' change the way the game treats this ship in various ways. These refer to ShipHullSpecAPI.ShipTypeHints. Possible hints:
Changes AI behaviour to primarily fight using it's fighters
Changes AI behaviour to usually be more timid
Changes AI behaviour regarding the CARRIER hint. Ships with both CARRIER and also COMBAT will fight with both fighters and the ship's own armament
Do not include an entry for this ship in the codex
Required for ships that use modules
Is a station
Cannot be recovered by the player


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Up to date for version 0.8.1a-RC8

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