How to use Redbull's Ship editor.

Before we get into this, lets go over how what the engine needs to understand that there is a ship.

The game will need 3 files (2 if you want to be technical), the ship graphic (the sprite), the .ship file, and the .variant file although given the update .51 and the elimination of weapons on the ships you buy, this has a reduced role. The ship editor will complete the .ship file and .variant file for you more or less. The only file you have to get yourself is the completed png ship graphic. Do you see those blue buttons at the bottom left of the screen that say load, upload, and save? That's for the end of the tutorial. The load and upload buttons are for modifying existing ship files. Leave these alone if you're making a new ship.


The .ship file is the one that will give the game the skeleton or basic structure of the ship.

The .variantid will cover things like hullmods, the number of flux vents, and the weapons in the slots. Think of this file as containing the options that you could select in the refit screen for your ship in the game.

The graphic or sprite will be a .png picture of your choosing.


Capture 08032012 183227

Upload a sprite

Do you see those blue buttons at the bottom left of the screen that say load, upload, and save? That's for the end. The first step instead is to lay the ground work for the ship. This means we need to set the boundaries, and to do this, we need a reference of the ship we're using. Thankfully there's an option that allows us to load the sprite into the editor.

Once you hit that button the pop up will ask you to choose a file, and after you have chosen, hit the blue "load button".

Capture 08032012 184622

Hopefully you will have better tastes.

This is how your screen should look like sans a pic nabbed from a porno, instead with a space ship pic. What happens here on out will be trivial on this screen, such as it is I will condense each step into each page accordingly.

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