Derelict ships and ships disabled or destroyed in battle can be recovered to gain a usable but damaged ship. Recovered ships will gain one or more damage mods. Ships not recovered may be salvaged instead.

Ships from allied fleets cannot be recovered in the post battle recovery options but may still appear as derelicts on the strategic map after a battle, which can be recovered. exploration derelicts and Remnant cannot be recovered at all.

Post-battle recovery Edit


Ship recovery GUI

After a battle, if the player does not retreat or leave prematurely, some disabled or destroyed ships can be recovered at no cost (beyond the supplies needed to repair them). Ships have a random chance to be recoverable; this is higher for the player's own ships, and can be increased to effectively 100% with certain skills or hullmods.

If a ship is not recovered it will be salvaged for metals, supplies and fuel instead, and any weapons and fighters installed may be recovered. Damaged ships sell for very little (often less than the salvage rewards), so if the player does not intend to use the ship themselves they should not recover it.

Derelict ships Edit

Derelict ships found drifting in space also have a chance to be recovered. If not, the player may opt to salvage them.

Derelicts can sometimes be found when scavenging debris fields.

Salvage Edit


Salvaging a station

Derelict ships found in space can be salvaged for resources. Old, abandoned stations found during exploration can also be salvaged.

Derelicts and stations have a salvage rating; higher ratings require a higher level of the Salvaging skill to salvage. Ordinary derelict ships always have a zero salvage rating, but exploration derelicts and stations require a higher rating. If the player's skill is too low, they can simply destroy the derelict and scavenge the resulting debris field, atlthough this reduces the rewards.

Salvaging ships provides metals, supplies, fuel and sometimes other cargo. Stations and exploration derelicts can provide other loot including other commodities, weapons, fighter LPCs and AI Cores.

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