Mission: Sinking the Bis'mar
Location: Outskirts of the Serpentis System
Date: 193.03.14
The HSS Bis'mar, Onslaught-class was in command of a task force sent to investigate a suspected Tri-Tachyon base on an otherwise barren world in the Serpentis system. Unfortunately for the Hegemony, the intel about the base was a plant by Tri-Tachyon agents, designed to lead Hegemony ships into a trap.

Unfortunately for Tri-Tachyon, the Hegemony was much stronger than anticipated and prevailed, despite the advantage of surprise that Tri-Tachyon forces enjoyed. The Bis'mar was the only surviving Hegemony ship, destroying one Tri-Tachyon cruiser and crippling another in the final showdown.

However, the Bis'mar's hyperdrive was damaged, and as it was leaving the system under lower power, it was confronted by a Tri-Tachyon scout wing and a supply ship that did not take part in the battle.
Tactical Briefing
- Defeat all remaining forces - The TTS Chimera is valuable prototype and must survive
Your Flagship
Name: TTS Chimera
Type: Hyperion-class
Order of Battle
Attacking 1x Hyperion
2x Tempest
2x Wasp
1x Gemini
Attacking 1x Onslaught
2x Broadsword
Tri-Tachyon scout wing and supply craft HSS Bis'mar and fighter squadron remnants

Tactics Edit

Deploy all your fleet, placing a carrier rally point in the middle of the map. When the Broadswords are in visual range put an intercept order on each, your Wasps should make short work of them. Once that task is accomplished, retreat the Wasps; they won't do any good against a capital ship.

Next place an engage order on the Bis'mar, what you want to do with your Hyperion is to get behind it and make hit and run attacks. So bring your shields up and close into firing distance, hitting the unshielded rear. When your flux is high, teleport out and vent before returning. Torpedoes are invaluable for cracking open the Onslaught's thick armor; you can launch while one of the Tempests is distracting the Flak Cannons, or just teleport into point-blank range, raise shields and fire. Keep doing this until you have sunk the Bis'mar.


  • In the game files this mission is named Sinking the Bismarck, a reference to the famous sinking of the German battleship the Bismarck on 27 May 1941.