When playing the campaign the player will earn experience which will level up their character. When their character levels up they will be given character points to spend on skills for their character. Each skill can be levelled up 3 times, limited to the level of its governing aptitude, which can also be levelled up to 3. Below are all of the skills that are currently in the vanilla version of the game.


Governs skills that directly improve the combat effectiveness of the piloted ship.


Governs skills that improve the combat effectiveness of the fleet as a whole, and skills that improve the effectiveness of fighters.


Governs a wide range of skills that primarily improve both the combat and non-combat performance of the fleet.


Governs a range of skills to do with salvaging and exploration.

Change HistoryEdit


  • Coordinated Maneuvers maximum now applies after bonus from current ship is subtracted, not before
  • Recovery Operations: level 3 now provides +50% fuel found instead of +10% general salvage
  • Added "Converted Hangar" modspec to level 2 Fighter Doctrine
  • Fleet Logistics:
    • Swapped level 1 and 2 effects
    • Maintenance cost reduction is now 30% (was: 50%)
  • Helmsmanship: level 3 bonus now applies at up to 5% flux (was: 1%)
  • Advanced Countermeasures:
    • Level 1: increased to -50% kinetic damage vs armor (was: 20%)
    • Level 2: increased to -25% HE damage vs shields (was: 20%)
    • Level 3: damage to fighters/missiles increased by 50% (was: 30%)
  • Fighter Doctrine: bonuses reduced to 15% (were: 25%)
  • Carrier Command: bonuses reduced to 20% (were: 25%)
  • Wing Commander: level 3 accuracy bonus reduced to 50% (was: 100%)


  • Broad skill rework
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Only up to date for version 0.8a-RC19. It is likely still broadly correct but not verified for the most up to date data yet. Please double check the Version History

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