Storm Needler
Flechette storm turret base
General Information
Mount Large, Ballistic
Primary Role Assault
Ordnance points 28
DPS 750
Damage type Kinetic
Range 700
Flux/sec 650
Accuracy Good
Turn rate Medium
Shots/min 600
Damage 75
Fires Multitudes of needles in a tight arc, creating a withering hail of projectiles that rip apart anything in their path.

The Storm Needler is a flechette weapon, which fires caseless 15mm ammunition. Having reached the practical limits of medium sized cooling systems, the designers of caseless weapons blazed a path into the large weapon category with the Storm Needler's advanced nano coolant recyclers, per-barrel magnetized rifling and automated operation. An AI core-controlled autoloader unpacks and loads just the right amounts of ammunition from the magazines allowing for almost nonstop operation.

The good range and speed of projectiles put a great strain on enemy shields and can also be used effectively versus point defense threats.

–In-Game Description

The Storm Needler is a heavy kinetic weapon. It is the largest weapon in the needler series, which also includes the Light Needler and Heavy Needler.


This is the weapon with the highest DPS in the game (tied with Plasma Cannon), giving it unmatched shield-killing capability. However, it also has the highest OP cost of any ballistic weapon and somewhat short range for a heavy weapon. High flux output limits the number of ships that can use it effectively.


Storm Needler

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Change History Edit


  • Reduced flux cost/shot to 65 (was: 75)
  • Increased shot speed, added a bit of inaccuracy
  • Removed windup time
  • Reduced range to 700 (was: 800)

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