Assorted supplies required by ships and crew, ranging from rations and uniforms to munitions, spare parts, microfab feedstock, and prefab components.

–In-Game Description

Supplies are an important resource required for running every fleet. They are consumed for day-to-day maintenance, repair & Combat readiness recovery, planetary surveys and scavenging debris fields.

The amount of supplies consumed by ships for maintenance or combat can vary greatly between different hulls and can be a significant distinction between ship choices for a fleet. Supply usage is greatly increased when running over capacity limits for cargo, personnel or fuel at a rate of 0.1 supplies per day per excess amount.

Running out of supplies completely will cause all ships to lose CR, with non-mothballed ships at 10% or less CR running the risk of accidents that can cause damage and crew deaths. Ships can be scuttled as an emergency measure to recover supplies equal to their monthly supply cost.

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Up to date for version 0.8.1a-RC8