Tempest-class Frigate
Logistical Data
CR per deployment 20%
Recovery rate (per day) 10%
Recovery cost (supplies) 6
Peak performance (sec) 180
Maintenance (sup/month) 6.0
Cargo capacity 30
Maximum crew 25
Skeleton crew 15
Fuel capacity 20
Maximum burn 11
Fuel per l.y. & jump cost 1
Ordnance points 50
Flight decks 1 (built-in Terminator Drone)
Combat Performance
Hull integrity 1,250
Armor rating 200
Defense Omni Shield
Shield arc 120
Shield upkeep/sec 45
Shield flux/damage 0.8
Flux capacity 2,500
Flux dissipation 225
Top speed 180
Mounts 1x Small Missile
2x Medium Energy
An asymmetric, advanced design from the late Expansion Epoch, the Tempest-class is the quintessential attack frigate - fast, deadly and difficult to destroy.

–In-Game Description

The Tempest is a very high-performance frigate with exceptional speed and maneuverability, as well as a considerable amount of energy firepower.

Sugested Strategies and Loadouts pre-version 0.8aEdit

The Terminator Drone is an excellent supplement to the Tempest. It is armed with a Phase Cloak generator, a Phase Skimmer system an IR Pulse Laser and a Burst PD Laser. The combination of defensive systems make it particularly difficult to destroy, and its weapon systems are superior to any other [current, vanilla] drone. An incredibly appealing property of the Terminator Drone, or more accurately its parent, is the mini-fac, which, in time, assembles replacement Terminator Drones indefinitely should the first be destroyed.

To address the defense issues mentioned above, the small shield arc should definitely be taken note of, as the arc is so narrow that it can leave the ship vulnerable to the proximity detonation of and subsequent area of effect of flak, and given their fragmentation damage type this can be especially devastating to hull hitpoints if your armour was worn down by earlier fights. "Dancing" missiles and shots from an angle can also be dangerous. Adding the Extended Shields hullmod where possible alleviates this problem significantly.

The second issue with the Tempests' defense is that point-defense weaponry cannot be equipped without crippling its offensive capability, because of its small number of weapon slots. Because of this, particular caution should be taken when facing opponents that make extensive use of missiles, such as the pirates. Thankfully, the lack of PD can be relieved by making use of the Tempests' Terminator Drone, which is equipped with a single Burst PD Laser.

When seen it is usually equipped with a Pulse Laser, a Graviton Beam and one of the standard missile weapons. This loadout alone is usually sufficient, but since it has medium energy weapons it can also use more powerful weapons such as the Heavy Blaster, but this requires care (and is thus not recommended for AI-piloted Tempests) due to its high flux cost.

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Change History Edit


  • "Terminator" drone now a built-in fighter wing, 1 drone, uses AM blaster
  • Ship system is now "Active Flare Launcher"
    • Modified to have unlimited uses and slightly improved flare speed
  • increased shield arc to 120 degrees (was 90)
  • increased Terminator drone speed, now armed with Ion Pulser

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Only up to date for version 0.8a-RC19. It is likely still broadly correct but not verified for the most up to date data yet. Please double check the Version History