There are various terrain types in both the strategic level and also the combat level

Strategic map terrain Edit

Strategic terrain can also impact sensors which is covered on the Sensors page

Asteroid Belt Edit

Ring System Edit

Accretion Disk Edit

Nebula Edit

Magnetic Field Edit

Speed reduced by 35%

Deep Hyperspace Edit

This is denoted by purple clouds that occur on the strategic hyperspace map

Hyperspace Storm Edit

This is denoted by purple Deep Hyperspace clouds that are brightly lit up

Combat map terrain Edit

Asteroids Edit

Asteroids are individual, destructible objects on the battlefields that can block most weapons fire and most movement (excepting fighters and phased ships)

Nebula Edit

Nebula incur a malus of -30%/-20%/-10%/0% speed. This is calculated after any zero flux speed boost is applied. Do note that level 1 of the Navigation skill to reduce terrain penalties does not apply to combat map nebula