Mission: The Last Hurrah
Location: Exar System
Date: 182.10.22
A string of successful industrial sabotage operations attributed to the Cult of Lud has plunged the world of Exar Secundus into anarchy. The Hegemony, as a matter of policy, has sent a detachment to cleanse the system and prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for undesirable elements.

The bulk of Exar's fleet is in orbit around the planet, unable to offer significant help to the population but unwilling to leave. When the Hegemony task force appears on the outskirts of the system, the fleet commander knows what they came to do and blocks their path, determined to fight to the last ship. The experienced Commodore in command of the Hegemony detachment is not about to take any chances and begins a methodical advance.

Your captains know what's at stake and can be trusted to carry out your orders in the face of overwhelming odds.
Tactical Briefing
- Defeat all enemy forces

- ESS Indomitable must survive - Keep the Gemini on the field to repair & refit your fighters

- Capturing all objectives stops enemy reinforcements
Your Flagship
Name: ESS Indomitable
Type: Conquest-class
Order of Battle
Defending 1x Conquest
1x Eagle
2x Falcon
1x Hammerhead
1x Sunder
1x Gemini
3x Vigilance
2x Warthog
2x Gladius
3x Thunder
Defending 1x Onslaught
3x Dominator
2x Condor
4x Enforcer
2x Hound
4x Lasher
2x Talon
4x Broadsword
4x Piranha
Exar Secundus navy with heavy fighter complement Hegemony security detachment under Commodore Jensulte

Tactics Edit

The first thing to do is to go to the refit screen and replace the Mjolnir Cannons with something that doesn't max out the Indomitable's flux capacitors in ten seconds of sustained fire. One suggested option is Hellbore Cannons and Hypervelocity Drivers. Because the opposing Hegemony ships are all low-tech, high-explosive damage should be prioritized over kinetics.

At the start of the level, deploy your Thunders to capture some of the buoys and send your forces out to help hold them. Advance with the Indomitable to the center of the map and engage targets at will; the Conquest's guns will make quick work of anything smaller than itself. Bear in mind that your allied ships have the "fearless" trait, and will annoyingly disregard their own safety while attacking the enemy[1]; it's best to take advantage of this by being aggressive yourself and catching the enemy in pincer maneuvers.

When the Onslaught appears, make sure you're not standing in front of it at any time; try to get it at an angle where it can't use its Thermal Pulse Cannons on you and you can force it on to the defensive with long-ranged fire. If you can get behind it, so much the better. Maneuvering Jets is invaluable here. Bear in mind that especially with the Conquest's terrible shield efficiency, trying to shield against both the Mark IX Autocannons and the Annihilator Rocket Pods will have disastrous results.

References Edit

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