Mission: The Wolf Pack
Location: Deep Space
Date: 189.11.17
A Hegemony convoy is carrying a valuable shipment of Infernium ore from the asteroid mines of the Itos system. It is lightly defended due to its course, which takes it far away from the well-traveled space lanes.

Unfortunately, the Hegemony comms have been hacked, and an independent raiding force surprises the convoy in deep space.

Take the rate of the raider captain and disable as many of the enemy ships as you can before they escape!
Tactical Briefing
- The enemy ships will attempt to flee towards the bottom of the map

- Controlling the Nav Buoys is critical to preventing a quick escape - Disable as many enemy ships as you can

- ISS Batavian must survive
Your Flagship
Name: ISS Batavian
Type: Medusa-class
Order of Battle
Attacking 1x Medusa
3x Wolf
1x Tempest
2x Wasp
1x Gemini
1x Dagger
Escaping 2x Enforcer
2x Hound
2x Lasher
1x Dram
3x Tarsus
1x Broadsword
3x Talon
Independent raiders Hegemony convoy with escort

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