Direct jump
Jump into a system through a nascent gravity well, or directly into hyperspace.

Once activated the fleet will remain stationary for 4 seconds before making the jump.

Enabled by Level 3 Navigation skill


Costs the same fuel as a regular jump point but also 10% of fleet deployment costs when jumping into hyperspace. This can be situationally better when considering supply usage to travel further to a regular jump point. It is also effective for escaping large enemy fleets, if the player can get far away enough first.

Jumping through a nascent gravity well into a system has no costs, and can save significant travel time in visiting planets.

Default Active Sensor Burst · Distress Call · Emergency Burn · Go Dark · Interdiction Pulse · Scavenge (ability) · Sustained Burn · Transponder
From skills Neutrino Detector · Remote Survey · Transverse Jump

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Up to date for version 0.8.1a-RC8

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